The Company

Specialized in designing, implementing, and technical assistance in the electro-instrumental and mechanical areas.

The company is made up of specialists, professionally trained technicians able to manage every customer’s request with quality and efficiency. In addition to the excellent basic training, our operators are constantly trained through technical and safety training courses. Our main priorities are quality, competence, and cost reduction.

The Groundwork

S.B.T Service was born from the participation of professional technicians coming from various sectors.

The company uses management systems aimed at reducing the costs. Therefore, it promotes highly-competitive offers. This goal is made possible thanks to a highly-qualified management, the careful selection and qualification of its suppliers and collaborators. .


S.B.T Service offers design and implementation in the mechanical field of systems such as skid, oil console and compressors’ services, piping and hydraulic distribution for oil and petrochemical industries.
The technical team designs and implements electrical distribution, automation, and instrumentation systems for industry and the service sector in the electro-instrumental field.

Guaranteed Assistance

S.B.T Service provides assistance in the implementation and execution of tests and functional checks for any kind of work – even those the company didn’t design.